Tuesday, September 23, 2008

National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases

The National Institute of Health also oversees the
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If this site doesn't offer the information you are looking for directly--it will effortlessly link to another NIH sponsored site which will provide comprehensive health education about:
  • Diabetes
  • Metabolic and hormonal problems (from thyroid problems to growth issues and more . . .)
  • Digestive Disorders (including liver disease, gallbladder trouble, and food poisoning)
  • Hematologic disorders (Blood disorders such as Anemia, Deep Vein Blood Clots, Bleeding Disorders)
  • Nutrition and Weight Loss

It's easy to download many of the patient information sheets (usually a Spanish version is also available online). However, some boxed sets of brochure and fliers can be very easily ordered from the website. They arrive quickly and they are free--including shipping and handling. Uncle Sam is footing the bill for this information EXCEPT in some cases they are only willing to provide one free set or copy per customer.

If You Have Diabetes, Know Your Blood Sugar Numbers: Just one of many publications available. Diabetes publications are available in Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, and more . . .

Kidney Failure (a boxed set of brochures with advice about dialysis options, financial assistance available for treatment and other important issues for individuals suffering from renal disease)

Gallstones: Just one example of the many general information sheets available. Others that I've shared with patients include the ones on appendicitis and pancreatitis.

As an admitted information junkie--just looking at the many, many titles available from the NIDDK gets me sidetracked as I want to read them all. (Admittedly, I just ordered a few more of their interesting brochures to have on hand.)

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