Friday, September 19, 2008

Where do you find quality patient health information?

It is frustrating to be "a patient." Perhaps it's even more frustrating to be the mother, spouse, daughter, or friend of the patient. The worry and stress that accompanies any serious health event takes a toll on all of the key players in our lives. Information and concrete answers are essential in coping with a serious diagnosis or health complication.

Finding reliable information in the hospital or clinic setting is often more difficult than it should be. Granted, some hospitals are wonderful at educating their patients, others--not so much so. While the average waiting room typically offers a few brochures--often some basic reminders about cancer screenings or diabetes management--there are many reliable sources of health information available to the public which are overlooked.

As a registered nurse, I'm serious about my role as "patient advocate." It's of the utmost importance to me that patients find the answers to the health care questions that matter to them. I plan to provide quality health links and occasional commentary on existing health information resources.

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