Monday, October 13, 2008

The Heart House

My friend Shirley, a Registered Nurse in Decatur, Illinois linked me to this site a while back. Because I really appreciate the "visual" domain of learning--this site delights me. Too often health concepts are abstract or just too complex to "see" and recall in our minds eye.

Brought to us courtesy of the
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of Fredericksburg, Virginia, the patient information provided is as relevant for adults who seek a thorough understanding of their own cardiac issues as it is to the parents of a child who is likewise afflicted with a cardiac issue. Certainly this site is meant to provide education to parents, but it's so well done--we can all learn something here. The "medications" tab provides information for health care professionals, and will soon provide specifics for patients as well.

This site is a wealth of information for students in middle school to "infinity." Really, this kind of visual information is always helpful for pre-med and nursing students who must digest and retain large quantities of anatomical information. Download pages for the "kids" to color at the "just for kids" link as an adjunct to their human anatomy lessons.

And while you are exploring this site, don't forget to visit the Heart House--it's so worthwhile!

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