Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy old year . . . !

With a little over a week left, it almost seems too late to do anything about our resolutions for 2008, doesn't it? (I will admit to keeping one of mine . . . )

With no time to spare, why not get a last minute dose of holiday gift inspiration courtesy of the National Institute of Health bulletin, "News in Health." They have some intuitive suggestions, but some creative ideas as well. As a history and health enthusiast--of course I was drawn to the suggestion of creating a family health portrait.

Here's a good one to refer to throughout the new year; it's the exercise and nutrition homepage from Nutrition.gov. (It's not as boring as it may sound.)

Even if we can't lose a pound or two within this next week--we can eat (just a little bit) less, drink (just a little bit) less, exercise (just a little bit) more, emphasize safety (really, really, really!!), and most importantly show love to those around you . . .

Merry Christmas and Happy Old Year!!

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