Sunday, March 08, 2009

Check up on your doctor

Finding a doctor can be a matter of tradition. In my small hometown the "family doctor" typically took care of a few successive generations. The doctor who took out Grandma's gallbladder and Dad's appendix, would deliver Mom's babies, vaccinate the growing children, and eventually take out their tonsils. Suffice it to say, some lucky individuals had cradle-to-grave care from the same physician.

Choosing a physician is not quite as easy as it used to be. Many people these days are going to require the services of more than one doctor if their healthcare needs demand specialized care or surgery. When moving to a new community, finding the right doctor can be a big challenge. There are a number of websites that offer searchable physician databases to make finding a doctor easier. But there is a big difference between finding a doctor and choosing a doctor. is a website with the motto, "Where doctors are examined." This very easy-to-navigate site provides more than just the location for over 700,000 U.S. physicians. The Vitals site allows patients to "check up" on their doctor to discover details including the physician's educational background, number of years in practice, fellowships, professional board certifications, and more. If any patients have completed the "rate your doctor" option, that information is available with the doctor's profile for all to see. not only helps you "find a doctor" according to specialty or location, but also allows you to narrow the search even more with a number of options available. If you are not sure what kind of physician you need to choose, the site has a very simple feature that guides you to the type of physician who normally treats your ailment.

You can download a free ebook in PDF format from Vitals called "Finding Dr. Right." The ebook gives advice and suggestions on choosing a physician and using the site.

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YitzBoy said...

Thank you for your wonderful blog post. The Vitals team was so inspired by your blog, we decided to launch our own blog. The blog will share interesting stories on doctors and it will be called Vitals Spotlight. The blog can be found at Thanks, Irving

Carolyn Cooper, MPH, RN said...

So glad you all liked my post. I'd like to copy the Vitals widget that you have on your blog and post it on mine. Can I get your url code for that?