Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Our Dads . . . without them--well, it would surely be impossible for us to be here . . . Happy father's day to all of the dads including my own dad, Bob Venard; my husband (Bob Cooper); and (remembering) my late father-in-law, "Mr. Billy" Cooper on this Father's Day 2009. (At right, Dad and I, circa 1987.)

Something to remember today, particularly if you have an elderly father--research confirms--these members of the "greatest generation" are not inclined to ask for help. Rebecca Fairbanks wrote a great article in 2007 offering suggestions on ways to help elderly parents without offending them. Just as our teenagers don't appreciate us when we act as "parachute parents" hovering over them, our parents don't deserve that that either. With both generations subtle and carefully considered gestures are likely to have the best results.

What can you give your dad today? Give him the opportunity to teach you something you wish you would have learned from him years ago . . . Give him the chance to reminisce with some stories from his past that you've never heard before--or haven't heard for a long time. Give him your undivided attention with electronic devices safely out of sight and mind . . .

For your consideration, the AARP has a list of helpful links appropriate for those who are caregivers for their parents:


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