Friday, June 05, 2009 is a Great Site for Reliable Health Information

Because I get an email with the daily health news headlines from, I must admit I don't visit their main site much. I had forgotten what a great portal to a wide variety of health information is available there. There really are enough features here to provide a good hour of browsing just to familiarize and explore.

If you want to quickly find specific health information, select Healthfinder's Health: A to Z. It's one of many options available on their site. Choose a topic from the comprehensive list and you'll be linked to other reputable government-sponsored, health-related sites. Browse the choices available on this A to Z listing for some compelling options.

This is one of the useful sites that the Healthfinder blog linked me to: Questions Are the Answer. My Florence Nightingale quote (see upper right-hand corner of my blog) is the absolute truth so I certainly advocate for patients who want to know what's going on! The tide is not turning in healthcare yet in spite of the abundance of information that is available to share with patients. Therefore, patients are often still kept in the dark (not on purpose, but because of the "hurry up and wait" attitude that still prevails in patient care, treatment, and education.) I can implore you to get more involved with your healthcare, but please be assured that it's up to YOU to do that in order to help yourself and your loved ones. Knowing what questions you should ask your doctor is a great first step towards being informed and able to make the best decisions. NO ONE will care more about your health needs and those of your loved ones than YOURSELF and those who are closest to you.

Another site that Healthfinder linked me to which pertains to being a more informed patient: Ask Me 3. The National Patient Safety Foundation recommends asking at least three basic questions: What is my main problem? What do I need to do? Why is it important for me to do this? There are plenty of other great suggestions for patients and their doctors and nurses on this site.

Healthfinder Prevention Tips: Here you'll find a quick guide to healthy living recommendations.


Anonymous said...

I do not know if you are still providing information on this web any longer but I wanted to say that I came about it yesterday while browsing the web for information regarding H1N1 and class symptoms. You see, I have been not well since Christmas and only now 5 months later I am starting to get a feeling of , perhaps I am now over this virus. Although I still am feeling on and off though not as much as I was. To add, I think it was two months after Christmas I started to have a uncomfortable feeling in my liver. As I believe in Alternative approach to healing and I asked my favourite local Health food Store owner what his take on these symptoms of the H1N1 such as liver uncomfortableness . His reply, it is not surprising the body is trying eliminate toxins and he mentioned he has people coming in regularly with similar cries. As well as other complaints regarding this viral infections that has hit this part of the world so hard. He spoke of Milk Thistle and I went home to do my home work to understand its benefits. I am on Milk Thistle, but to this day I still have uncomfortable feeling in my liver , it comes and goes. I can only surmise my body is still working to eliminate the toxins although I am concerned and thinking of returning to the clinic to see if the Allopathic Doctors can allow further tests to evaluate the situation. I have had blood tests done for Hep A,B,C (all came back , no evidence of any infections). I have had little help with the Allopathic Doctors regarding the H1N1 since I contacted this virus 6 months ago.

Carolyn Cooper, MPH, RN said...

Hi, Anonymous. I enjoyed providing information on the blog, and still do answer comments without adding new information. I think about it, but don't do it.

You likely read my H1N1 experience that is posted on the blog here. I know how you feel, because I had it about 7 years ago. And yes, I did get jaundiced and my liver enzymes elevated temporarily. We can get an inflammed liver from fighting off a regular viral illness, or from a contagious liver virus (A, B, C, etc.), or from medications/drugs, etc. There certainly is a link between H1N1 and increased liver enzymes. You can find scholarly articles that discuss that in detail.

I will say that my own experience with H1N1 was the worst illness of my adult life--it lasted a LONG time, and left me very weak and shaky for months afterwards.

Best wishes for a complete and speedier recovery as you continue towards healing. I would certainly obey your instincts for further testing, though. Your instincts are a give from above and not to be disregarded.