Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Sturge-Weber Syndrome

Because I started my career in nursing as a pediatric nurse in a very large city on the border of a third world country, I have a personal connection with many rare and unusual conditions affecting newborns.  I very clearly remember in the first weeks on the job that one of my young patients was suffering from Sturge-Weber Syndrome.  The fact that he had a large port-wine birthmark irregularly covering about one-fourth of his face didn't detract at all from this beautiful 8-month-old baby boy.  He was in the hospital for evaluation of brief, mild seizures which occurred several times each day.  We were providing medications in an attempt to establish the best possible seizure control for this child. Seizures that affect the same side of the body as the vascular birthmark and sometimes weakness on this affected side are hallmarks of this condition.  I'm by no means an expert on this condition, so I urge you to seek additional information from the reliable sources below.

To learn more about Sturge Weber and its affects:  
I wonder what became of that baby boy in El Paso, Texas?  He would be about 16 years old now . . .

Here's a video from YouTube that gives a glimpse of Sturge-Weber across the span of different age groups:

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Thanks for sharing your experience and helping to increase awareness for the SWS community.

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