Wednesday, March 10, 2010

OneTouch Ultra Test Strips Recall

Recall of Some OneTouch Ultra Blood Glucose Test Strips 

 I just received a letter from LifeScan , the Johnson & Johnson Company that manufactures the OneTouch Ultra glucose meters and test strips,  The company has launched an "Urgent Medical Device Correction" --which amounts to the same thing as a recall--of approximately 900 packages of OneTouch Ultra Test Strips.  

The Problem 

The wrong test strips were packaged in certain lots of OneTouch Ultra Test Strips.  Your test strips should be light blue with the name "OneTouch Ultra" printed on them. Like the one on the right.   The strips under recall that were packaged by mistake are of a dark blue color without any writing on them.  These incorrect strips will fit into your OneTouch meter, but they won't turn it on, and they won't give you any result.  All of us who must purchase test strips know that they are expensive at about $1 for each strip, so you will certainly want to take advantage of the opportunity for a refund or replacement from LifeScan.

Check Your Strips

The mislabelled test strips are only contained in boxes that have 100 strips (4 bottles of 25 strips each) and all of them have the same lot number.  Check your boxes of strips (and your loose bottles of strips as well).  The affected lot has this number: 

Lot # 2964512 

Where to Find the Lot Number

The lot number can be found on the side of your box of strips and on the label of your individual 25-count bottles.  (My supplies which are pictured, do not have the lot number in question, but I'm including the snapshots with the lot numbers circled to show you where to look).

What to do? 

If you have any of the test strips from the affected lots, check the strips in the packages.  If you find any of the dark blue strips do not use them.  Instead visit the manufacturer's website to apply for a replacement of your products:  OneTouch Ultra Strips Recall Form You can also call Lifescan's special telephone number that is specific for this problem: 1-866-247-1029. According to their letter, Lifescan will have representatives available to speak with you at this number 7 days a week from 5 a.m. to 7 p.m. Pacific Time.  

Keep up on Product Information about Your OneTouch

To make sure you receive important product information about your OneTouch meter and supplies directly from the manufacturer, visit to register your meter and update your contact information.

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